My New Blogging Plans

As you might have noticed, I took a break from blogging recently.  While these blog posts are relatively short, they still take time and I really needed some more time.

This month I have been working on my next book which is currently scheduled to be out in the fall.  If all goes well with the book, I hope to do another National Radio Tour after the book is published, with possibly some TV interviews thrown in as well.  By the way, the new book cover looks beautiful.  It’s bright, colorful, visually-stunning and optimistic (at least in my opinion).

I plan to continue blogging again right here on this website.  Plans include giving the blog a name:

Citizen Economics Blog – News, Analysis, Insight, Practical Knowledge

and a new schedule.  Instead of random postings done once or twice a week, I plan to write one blog post late Mondays on a current economics-related topic in the news with my analysis.  In addition, I plan to write a second blog post late Thursdays dealing with some insight and/or some practical knowledge from the field of economics.  Finally, I hope to have my blog carried on as a Kindle blog subscription sometime soon.

If you enjoyed my blog posts in the past, you should like my new format and consistent schedule.  You can look forward to reading about economic news and analysis, as well as getting practical knowledge and insights from the world of economics.  Of course, I plan to write about the vital importance of economic freedom to economic growth, peace and prosperity.


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