Congress vs. The President – An Election Mandate and Next Steps

In my opinion, the 2014 elections sent a clear message to Washington. In fact, I think it gave a very powerful and historical mandate to political leaders that can be summarized as follows:

1. America is way off-track. Get America back on track.

2. As Americans, we are distressed over how the nation is being led. Political leaders, you work for Americans. We don’t work for you.

3. As Americans, we value our Heritage of Freedom and we want our Constitution followed, not ignored.

4. As Americans, we have told our leaders, in poll after poll since 2010, that we are against ObamaCare. We were happy with our doctors, with our hospitals, and with our health care insurance plans. You ignored the on-going polling data.

5. As Americans, we have expressed our dissatisfaction with the idea of an Executive Order for amnesty that circumvents current immigration laws.  We are also against open borders.

6. As Americans, we want a robust, growing economy.  We don’t want a progressive socialist, welfare state economy that limps along.  We don’t want an anemic recovery characterized by mediocre, low-paying jobs.

7. As Americans, we want Religious Freedom, Political Freedom, and Economic Freedom.  We don’t want our lives micro-managed by a big, bureaucratic government.

In my opinion, given that mandate, Congress will have the wisdom, the courage, and the strength to follow through on the 2014 Election Mandate. I anticipate these are the next steps:

1. Congress will defund ObamaCare and any potential Executive Order creating blanket amnesty.

2. Congress will pass legislation to completely repeal Obamacare and de-regulate the health care industry, while maintaining funding for the truly poor.

3. If the President vetoes any Congressional legislation, Congress will attempt to override any vetoes in a bipartisan way that seeks to follow the will of the American people (as expressed in the 2014 Election Mandate and in on-going polling data).

4. If the President flagrantly violates the will of the American electorate, the legislative powers of Congress, the Rule of Law, and/or violates the Constitution, then Congress will -

  • Make its case to the American people in clear and certain terms for its additional actions.
  • Further defund specific areas of the Executive Branch.
  • Sue the President for perceived lawlessness and/or violations of the Constitution.
  • Impeach the President as a last resort to uphold the Constitution.

For more information on America’s Heritage of Freedom and regaining our lost freedoms, please read my newest book Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help.

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