What were the Real Causes of the Baltimore Riots?

With all the rioting and violence this week in Baltimore, we need to ask: “What were the Real Causes of the Baltimore Riots?”  With that information, maybe America can avoid future riots in other cities.

What Three Groups were Largely Responsible for Causing the Baltimore Riots?

The answer can be summed up in the letters: PAT – Progressive socialists, Anarchists, and Thrill-seekers.

Progressives have run the city of Baltimore for at least the last 40 years, if not more.  Progressive socialists are responsible for the failed social policies that have resulted in high unemployment, high crime, and failing schools.  The Mayor of Baltimore reportedly also asked the police to stand down, thereby allowing the rioters to wreak havoc on the city.  Upholding the Rule of Law and Constitutional guarantees of liberty are often overlooked by progressives.

Just think, according to The Wall Street Journal, 72% of eighth graders in Baltimore schools scored below proficient in math, 64% below proficient in science, and 45% below proficient in reading.  That’s a failure to educate the youth in Baltimore adequately.  Plus, unemployment in Baltimore is three percentage points higher that for the State of Maryland.  Another failure of progressive policies.

Anarchists from out of town sought to take advantage of tensions in the city and create chaos.  Anarchists apparently don’t like the American system and hope to make a political statement against America.

Thrill-seekers, who are possibly out-of-work and out-of-hope teenagers, appear to have gotten excited about participating in the emotions of the moment.  Thinking about the excitement of violence, they modeled the violence that appears in the entertainment industry.  Think of the 2013 film called “The Purge.”

The real causes of the Baltimore riots are failed progressive social policies.  It’s plain and simple.  More funding to cities or nationalizing America’s police departments will not work either.  Let’s stop listening to progressives with their utopian ideas that fail where ever they are tried.

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