Why Are Talk Radio Show Hosts Criticized and Ridiculed? – A Surprising Answer from Economics

It’s true.  Talk Radio show hosts are frequently criticized, ridiculed, insulted, mocked, scorned and belittled, especially if they are conservative and support traditional American values.  It’s also true that conservative TV hosts are also similarly held in contempt by many on the left who are proponents of socialist policies and programs.  Why do progressive socialists and other socialists resort to constant and unrelenting criticism?  There’s a surprising answer and it’s found in economics.

As I write in my recently released book: “America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life: A Citizen’s Handbook to Understanding the War between American Capitalism and Socialism,” a war of ideas is raging across America.  It’s being waged by secular socialists who abhor American Capitalism, an economic system based on a Judeo-Christian culture and heritage, freedom, and free markets.  These socialists seek to replace American Capitalism with a socialist economic system of some type – some say they seek a European-like welfare state socialism.

If we look back at the early proponents of socialism, we find that socialists never debated their opponents.  They never held discussions.  They never refuted their enemies.  Instead, they sought to win over new support by trashing their opposition.  Economist Ludwig von Mises pointed this out in his early 20th century book on socialism.  If you look at Saul D. Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”, Alinksy’s fifth rule deals with the power of ridicule and the difficulty that someone has in defending themselves from ridicule.

Many socialists today still don’t debate or discuss capitalism vs. socialism.  They prefer to ridicule the supporters of American Capitalism, those who believe in Faith, Freedom and Free Markets.  American Capitalism is far superior to socialism from a moral perspective.  From a theoretical and practical economic viewpoint, American Capitalism is far superior to socialism as well.  Economically, American Capitalism has made America the richest, most productive, most compassionate, and most generous nation in the history of the world. 

Since socialists can’t win either moral or economic debates, we can expect that conservative Talk Radio show hosts will continue to be ridiculed and insulted by socialists.  Too bad socialists won’t listen carefully to those conservative Talk Radio show hosts instead of criticizing them.

Next time you hear about a conservative Talk Radio show host being criticized or ridiculed, remember that America’s Economic War, a war of ideas, rages on.   Also, remember socialists have a long history of preferring ridicule over debate as a tactic in that war.

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