Why Has It Been a Tumultuous Primary Season?

The Wall Street Journal this week called this “a tumultuous primary season that has rocked establishment candidates.”  With incumbents often in trouble, establishment candidates facing tough challengers, and tea party activists heavily involved, tumultuous is a good word to describe what we have seen thus far.  Why has it been such a tumultutous primary season?  What’s going on?  What’s really fueling this unusual election year?  Let’s talk about it now …

The Wall Street Journal also published a related op-ed piece this week that might help to answer these questions.  The article by Arthur C. Brooks (President of the American Enterprise Institute) and Paul Ryan (Congressman from the State of Wisconsin) offer their explanation of the true decisions Americans are making this electoral season.  According to Brooks and Ryan, behind all the campaigns and candidates and rhetoric, is really a fundamental question.  Do Americans want the traditional American system of free enterprise, limited government, and low taxes?  Or, do Americans want to replace our system with a European-style social democracy (also known as welfare state socialism)?

The article goes on to cite a 2009 Ayers-McHenry poll of Americans that asked if they prefer larger government with more services and higher taxes OR if they prefer smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes.  The results were striking!  Americans overwhelming prefer smaller government, fewer services, and lower taxes – 69% to 21%!

No wonder then that Americans are upset this election season.  No wonder incumbents are facing tough challengers.

It’s obvious in the last few years, the Federal government has become larger and larger.  Why?  Because of big government spending, larger budget deficits, and unsustainable big government debt.  Consider just one example.  Over the objections of the American people, a very unpopular health care law was passed this year, creating a de facto government-controlled, system of rationed health care.

Why has it been a tumultuous primary season?  Simple.  Americans aren’t happy with the direction our nation is going.  Americans want limited government and freedom.  They want fewer services and lower taxes.  Americans do not want to go down the road to welfare state socialism.

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