Is America at Risk of a Devastating EMP Attack?

Is America at grave risk of a devastating electro-magnetic pulse attack caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere above our mainland?  Can an EMP attack happen this year or next year?  Is this the most serious threat to America since the Cold War ended?  Let’s look at the facts now …

What is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack?

An EMP attack is a nuclear electro-magnetic pulse explosion that would wipe out the nation’s electric power grid caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon in the atmosphere over the U. S. mainland.  Its impact would take months or years to recover from, if full recovery was even possible.

What is the likely Impact of an EMP Attack on Americans?

Military and civilian damage would be unprecedented and staggering.  Communications, electronics, banking, transportation, refrigeration, and food production and distribution would probably be largely wiped out.  Chaos and anarchy would be widespread.  Tens of millions of Americans would die from lack of food and water and the lack of critical medical supplies and health care.  One estimate of casualties by U. S. analyst Peter Vincent Fry is that up to 90% of Americans might die as a result of an EMP attack.  Even if he is over-estimating the death toll, casualties will be a major blow to the nation on a level never before experienced.

Who Might Launch an EMP Attack against America?

The two most likely countries are North Korea and Iran.  North Korea already has a mobile  KN-08, a North Korean mobile ICBM, that can be fitted with a nuclear warhead and can be launched at the United States.  It need not be accurate to be lethal.  Such an ICBM delivered nuclear weapon and explosion over the U. S. can wipe out our electric grid.

What about Iran?

It has been reported that American military officials have translated a secret Iranian military handbook that endorses an EMP attack on the United States.  Apparently, 20 specific locations over the U. S. have been targeted already.

Besides using a missile, a ship based in the Atlantic Ocean or a satellite might be the platform for an EMP attack.

What Can be Done to Protect America?

1.  Don’t allow Iran to get nuclear weapons through foolish negotiations that will threaten America and Israel.  Iran’s military has endorsed an EMP attack on America.  ISIS has threatened to fly the ISIS flag over The White House.

2. Make protecting America from an EMP attack the #1 National Security issue TODAY and in the 2016 Presidential Election campaign.

3. Contact elected officials in the House and Senate and share your concern.  Arizona Rep. Trent Franks has been leading the efforts to protect America from an EMP attack.

4. Support projects like the Boeing Corporation’s Anti-Shockwave Laser weapons project that hopefully will absorb, deflect, and limit an EMP attack, with a plasma field of superheated air.

5. In recent years, a number of important pieces of legislation garnered widespread support in the House, only to get stalled in the Senate.  It’s time to wake up and protect America.

6. The North American Aerospace Defense Command  (NORAD) is moving its headquarters back into Cheyenne Mountain near Colorado Springs, Colorado because it can withstand an EMP attack.  It’s important to upgrade NORAD’s capability to include a southern flank defense should an EMP attack be launched against the U. S. from the south.  Currently, Cheyenne Mountain has a northern flank defense because it was designed to protect northern inbound attacks from Russia.

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