Presidential Race Starts with Cruz Announcement

Surprising some, Sen. Ted Cruz has formally announced his presidential bid this week.  That means the 2016 presidential race is now off and running.  With many potential candidates sitting in the wings and probably ready to announce in April, do we know who CAN win?  Do we know who WILL win?  Do we know WHAT policies that candidates will offer the American people to gain their support and votes?  Plus, what’s on the mind of the American people as we start the 2016 race to the White House?  Let’s talk about some of these questions now …

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Announcement

Sen. Ted Cruz officially launched his presidential campaign bid on Monday this week at Liberty University in Virginia.  Calling himself a “courageous conservative,” he offered a conservative agenda that includes complete repeal of ObamaCare and the elimination of both Common Core and the IRS.  Also included were a flat tax economic policy, pro-life and pro-traditional marriage policies, as well as strong support for Israel and a tough stance against terrorism.  Sen. Cruz also advocated closing our borders to illegal immigration and voiced strong support for the First Amendment and religious freedom, as well the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms for all law-abiding citizens.

What Issues are on the Minds of Americans as We Enter the Presidential Race?

Big Issue #1 – Economic Stagnation and Uncertainty

Many Americans have concerns about the economy and their own financial situations.  While gasoline prices at the pump have eased with increasing supplies from fracking, food prices, housing, energy. and other consumer expenses have continued to accelerate.  With personal incomes essentially flat, consumers are feeling the pinch.

Add to that, the fact that over 92 million Americans in the working age population are not working, simply contributes to a sense of economic stagnation and uncertainty.  Some think we might never have fully recovered from the Great Recession.

Further fueling this sense of uncertainty, is the mess ObamaCare has made of our health care system.  Higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-payments, as well as the loss of some health insurance plans, some doctors, etc., create a sense that all is not well with the economy.

Big Issue #2 - Global Insecurity and Uncertainty

With on-going stories and photos of beheadings, threats to America, terrorist plots and terrorist attacks, Americans are feeling less secure at home.  Recall the recent threat to raise the ISIS flag over The White House, as just one example.  Also, the fact that the current administration might attempt to end-run the Senate and get an agreement signed through the U. N. with Iran, that effectively would permit Iran to have nuclear weapons, is worrying many Americans.

American citizens expect America to be a leader.  The current administration has fumbled our foreign policy and projects weak and untenable positions on the world stage.  This leads to both global insecurity and uncertainty as well.

What will the Key Issues be in the 2016 Presidential Election?

I believe Americans are seeking new leadership and will elect a new president in 2016 that reflects the following characteristics and policies:

1. Strong Leadership that Tells the Truth

2. Strong Support for the Constitution and Freedom

3. Strong Support for the Rule of Law

4. Reduced Taxes and Regulations

5. Proven Monetary Policies that Prevent Real and Hidden Inflation

6. Reduced Growth in Government Spending (Fiscal Restraint)

7. Strong Defense and Protection of American Interests Abroad

8. Strong Protection of Our Borders from Illegal Immigration and Virulent Diseases

For More Information

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