Will the Republican Party End in 2016?

The evidence is building that the Republican Party as we have known it for decades will come to an end in 2016.  That’s a big statement to make.  But, just look at the anger and frustration that voters are expressing now.  It’s palpable and it’s growing.  Over America’s nearly 240 years, whenever the major parties have frustrated their supporters and have failed to provide solutions to problems sought by voters, the parties have suffered the consequences.  What’s going on in the minds of citizens today?  What’s going to happen to the Republican Party next year?  Let’s discuss these questions now …

What Do Citizens Expect from Government and from Parties in America?

Americans want government to provide some level of services.  Americans want government to perform morally (with honesty and integrity, and without scandals).  Americans want freedom, all the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and written into the Bill of Rights, including Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, etc.  They also want to be left along for their own individual “pursuit of happiness.”

Americans want political parties to provide candidates and campaigns that will staff government jobs.  They want political officeholders to provide moral leadership with honesty and integrity and run government offices to protect our freedoms.

Why are Republican Voters Angry and Frustrated Today?

Republican voters are upset over the recent Supreme Court rulings where activist justices write law into the Constitution based on their own personal philosophy and feelings.  They particularly are disappointed that some justices were nominated as conservatives, but wrote decisions as progressives.  Truly, the Supreme Court has made the question of the constitutionality of certain issues strictly at the discretion of nine justices.  The Constitution and written statutes can now be ignored by the Supreme Court at will.  That’s a blow to our democracy and to our freedoms.  No wonder conservative voters are angry, frustrated and upset.

Republican voters are also angry, frustrated and upset because they have voted for Republicans who claim to be conservative, who make conservative promises such as repealing ObamaCare, and who don’t deliver on those promises after being elected.  Republican voters believe that their elected officials could have done much more to stop the current administration in their progressive policy tracks.  Examples – immigration, border security, ObamaCare repeal, funding levels, budget controls, National Debt levels, etc.

What Happens to Political Parties that Fail to Meet Voter Expectations?

Throughout American History, political parties that fail to meet voter expectations change dramatically.

How might the Republican Party change in 2016?

  • The Republican Party might cease to exist completely.  A new third party might come into existence and replace the Republican Party quickly.
  • The Republican Party might change its political philosophy.  Currently, their is a tension between conservatives and moderates.  Almost all Republicans self-identify as conservative, but many govern as moderates (or RINOs or progressive lites if you prefer) when in office.  The Republican Party might become a truly conservative party.
  • There might become a political realignment of both parties in 2016.  Example – Conservative Party vs. Progressive Socialist Party.

What Will Happen to the Republican Party in 2016?

I predict that the Republican Party as we know it today will end.  If the name “Republican” is still used in 2017, it will be a much different party with many different people.

For More Information

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