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What were the Real Causes of the Baltimore Riots?

With all the rioting and violence this week in Baltimore, we need to ask: “What were the Real Causes of the Baltimore Riots?”  With that information, maybe America can avoid future riots in other cities. What Three Groups were Largely Responsible for Causing the Baltimore Riots? The answer can be summed up in the letters: PAT – [...]
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What is ObamaNet and Do We Need It?

It’s been called “ObamaCare for the Internet.”  It’s been called a “solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist using legal authority we don’t have” that will create “billions of dollars in new taxes.”  It’s been called “ObamaNet.”  What is it and do we need it?  Let’s jump in now and discuss ObamaNet … 1.  What [...]
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What’s the Real Story Behind Income Inequality?

In recent weeks, progressive socialists, socialists, and Marxists have been decrying income inequality as a critically important issue to the world.  According to these socialists, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  In fact, it had been reported at the World Economic Forum held in Davos Switzerland in late January that ”growing income inequality” was one of the top [...]
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State of the Union Rebuttal – A Conservative View

This week the news media is focusing on the President’s State of the Union Address.  In particular, people are discussing the proposed $320 Billion tax increase and the suggested benefits to so-called “middle income economics.”  Is it true that middle class economics will benefit from the proposed tax increases?  Will increased child care credits and forced retirement [...]
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Congress vs. The President – An Election Mandate and Next Steps

In my opinion, the 2014 elections sent a clear message to Washington. In fact, I think it gave a very powerful and historical mandate to political leaders that can be summarized as follows: 1. America is way off-track. Get America back on track. 2. As Americans, we are distressed over how the nation is being led. [...]
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Sorry Socialists and Progressives … Businesses Create Jobs!

If you listen to at least one public figure, corporations and businesses don’t create jobs.  I’m sorry, socialists and progressives, but businesses do create jobs!  Please look at the empirical evidence, look at the economic data, look at the economic theory that supports a mountain of economic evidence.  No government in the history of the [...]
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Why Has It Been a Tumultuous Primary Season?

The Wall Street Journal this week called this “a tumultuous primary season that has rocked establishment candidates.”  With incumbents often in trouble, establishment candidates facing tough challengers, and tea party activists heavily involved, tumultuous is a good word to describe what we have seen thus far.  Why has it been such a tumultutous primary season?  [...]
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Sustainable Capitalism vs American Capitalism – What's the Difference?

An op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal this week talks about ”sustainable capitalism” and long term value creation.  It appears that the authors believe by integrating environmental, social and governance factors into business strategy, metrics, and assessments of risks/opportunities, long term value creation can be achieved, possibly maximized.  It also appears that the authors think considering such factors can also influence business [...]
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The $1 Trillion Euro-Bailout, Riots in Greece, and Turbulent Markets – Should Americans Care?

An editorial piece in The Wall Street Journal this week states that: “The EU’s bailout postpones the day of fiscal reckoning.”  What does that mean for Europe and for America?  What do they mean by a day of fiscal reckoning?  Plus, why were Greeks rioting any way?  And, why should that make our markets so turbulent?  Should Americans really care [...]
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Will the Financial Overhaul Bill Nationalize America's Financial Sector?

This week Investor’s Business Daily published a powerful and shocking editorial piece dealing with the current financial overhaul bill being debated in the Senate.  According to IBD: “As it stands, Dodd’s bill amounts to a nationalization of our financial sector.”  It goes on to warn of “permanent bailouts” for companies that regulators deem to be [...]
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