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The New Emerging Drone Industry – Will Regulations Keep It from Getting Off the Ground?

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  They are simply robots that fly and can perform any number of productive tasks such as taking photographs or videos of homes and commercial properties for real estate agents.  Other potential uses include monitoring farm lands and crops, overseeing drilling sites, and tracking construction projects.  Drones can also be [...]
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Congress vs. The President – An Election Mandate and Next Steps

In my opinion, the 2014 elections sent a clear message to Washington. In fact, I think it gave a very powerful and historical mandate to political leaders that can be summarized as follows: 1. America is way off-track. Get America back on track. 2. As Americans, we are distressed over how the nation is being led. [...]
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Isn’t It Time We Make Voting Easy and Voter Fraud Difficult?

As the 2014 midterm elections go into the history books, isn’t it time we make voting in America free, fair, honest, and easy?  Isn’t it also time that we resolve to make voter fraud difficult and rare? In a recent op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal, Hans von Spakovsky, a Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow [...]
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America’s Greatest Political and Economic Lesson in the Last 125 Years

What is America’s greatest political and economic lesson in the last 125 years?  Can you guess what it is?  Have you thought about it?  What one lesson would you tell your children and grandchildren about America that stands out over the last century and a quarter? The Wall Street Journal recently took the time and effort [...]
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Will America and the World Lose Freedom on the Internet?

A new op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal this week brings up the issue once again of the Obama Administration giving up American protection of the Internet.  I have been concerned about the adverse consequences to American freedom every time I read about the idea in the past.  As you might already know, the Obama [...]
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Carbon Dioxide Emissions – The EPA to Propose 30% Limitations – A Top Story This Week

This week’s top news story seems to be about the EPA proposing a new rule on carbon dioxide emissions.  The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Washington Post are all carrying top news stories on Sunday night, June 1st, on the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.  According to the WSJ, the EPA will mandate power [...]
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Is it Time to Fix Medicaid with Consumer-Driven Health Plans?

This week The Wall Street Journal has a piece by Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, on the success of Indiana’s “Healthy Indiana Plan.” HIP is a consumer-driven health plan designed to help the working poor of Indiana. Today, about 40,000 Indiana people have health savings accounts (HSAs) thanks to HIP.  HIP consumers are empowered in [...]
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Economic Prosperity vs. Economic Mediocrity – What will America Choose?

As food prices continue to soar in our supermarkets, as gasoline prices continue to skyrocket at the pumps, as the housing market continues to sputter, and as unemployment continues to be very high – around 9% to 10%, have you ever wondered why?  What has happened to the American economy?  Must the American economy continue to stagnate?  Are America’s [...]
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Is Economic Freedom Necessary for Prosperity? New Data Says Yes!

Once again, economists and others can see the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity by reviewing the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom released today by The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.  In a powerful article in The Wall Street Journal, Terry Miller, Director of the Center for International Trade and Economics at Heritage, [...]
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The Constitution, Congress, Individual Liberty, and Prosperity – Yes, They are All Related!

Roger Pilon, VP of Legal Affairs at the Cato Institute, has an excellent article in The Wall Street Journal today on the Constitution, Congress, and individual liberty.  It shows the path America has taken … from limited government that protects individual liberty under the Constitution … to big government that largely ignores the Constitution.  I would [...]
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