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Sorry Socialists and Progressives … Businesses Create Jobs!

If you listen to at least one public figure, corporations and businesses don’t create jobs.  I’m sorry, socialists and progressives, but businesses do create jobs!  Please look at the empirical evidence, look at the economic data, look at the economic theory that supports a mountain of economic evidence.  No government in the history of the [...]
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America’s Greatest Political and Economic Lesson in the Last 125 Years

What is America’s greatest political and economic lesson in the last 125 years?  Can you guess what it is?  Have you thought about it?  What one lesson would you tell your children and grandchildren about America that stands out over the last century and a quarter? The Wall Street Journal recently took the time and effort [...]
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Dodd-Frank – The ObamaCare of the Financial System?

This week The Wall Street Journal offers an interesting op-ed piece on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known by the name Dodd-Frank.  On Tuesday, it will be the four year anniversary of its going into effect. How has Dodd-Frank impacted the economy?  According to the WSJ op-ed piece, it has “overwhelmed the regulatory [...]
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Carbon Dioxide Emissions – The EPA to Propose 30% Limitations – A Top Story This Week

This week’s top news story seems to be about the EPA proposing a new rule on carbon dioxide emissions.  The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Washington Post are all carrying top news stories on Sunday night, June 1st, on the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.  According to the WSJ, the EPA will mandate power [...]
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Economic Prosperity vs. Economic Mediocrity – What will America Choose?

As food prices continue to soar in our supermarkets, as gasoline prices continue to skyrocket at the pumps, as the housing market continues to sputter, and as unemployment continues to be very high – around 9% to 10%, have you ever wondered why?  What has happened to the American economy?  Must the American economy continue to stagnate?  Are America’s [...]
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Bailouts or Bankruptcy – How Can America Help Financially Troubled States?

In an important op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal this week, University of Pennsylvania Law Professor David Skeel takes on the issue of financially troubled states such as California, New York, and Illinois.  California, for example, faces a potential state budget deficit of $20 Billion in the next 18 months, along with state pension funds whose underfunding exceeds $500 Billion.  What can we do [...]
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The Constitution, Congress, Individual Liberty, and Prosperity – Yes, They are All Related!

Roger Pilon, VP of Legal Affairs at the Cato Institute, has an excellent article in The Wall Street Journal today on the Constitution, Congress, and individual liberty.  It shows the path America has taken … from limited government that protects individual liberty under the Constitution … to big government that largely ignores the Constitution.  I would [...]
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Big Government Employee Unions vs. Taxpayers – What's the Correct Balance?

In The Wall Street Journal this week, the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty writes an important article on government employee unions vs. the taxpayers that views the issue from a moral perspective.  He also offers some principles on how to balance the needs of unions and taxpayers.  Let’s talk more about this now … As Governor Pawlenty [...]
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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy Meals – The Road to Serfdom?

What is happening in America today?  According to a piece in Investor’s Business Daily this week, children in San Francisco will not be allowed to buy a McDonald’s Happy Meal starting December 31st, all in the name of “food justice.”  Haven’t San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors ever read The Declaration of Independence?  Haven’t they ever heard [...]
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What's the Real Significance of this Election to the American Economy?

If the pundits and commentators are correct, today’s election will be historic in scope.  Most think the House will change hands and some believe the Senate might change as well.  Simply changing party control, however, is not the complete reason for its being a historic election.  It’s the extent of turnover of seats in both the House and Senate.  Most importantly, [...]
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