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Dodd-Frank – The ObamaCare of the Financial System?

This week The Wall Street Journal offers an interesting op-ed piece on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known by the name Dodd-Frank.  On Tuesday, it will be the four year anniversary of its going into effect. How has Dodd-Frank impacted the economy?  According to the WSJ op-ed piece, it has “overwhelmed the regulatory [...]
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High Unemployment, Empty Storefronts, For Sale Signs – When Will We Recover?

Driving around town the signs are obvious.  “For Sale” signs that sit for months on poorly kept lawns.  Empty storefronts with empty parking lots that painfully remind us of a few years ago when times seemed better.  Plus, we hear about high unemployment all the time – 9.5% nationally, 14.2% in Nevada, 13.2% in Michigan, and 12.3% in California [...]
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Low Interest Rates – Who Wins? Who Loses?

In The Wall Street Journal this week, an op-ed piece deals with the Federal Reserve’s policy of near-zero interest rates, presumably to help our very anemic and faltering economic recovery.  Are we really in an economic recovery?  Or, are we on the edge of a double-dip recession?  Or worse yet, are we entering a depression [...]
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Vagueness Impedes Economic Growth – Why?

Writing in The Wall Street Journal this week, Daniel Henninger suggests a “void-for-vagueness doctrine” for Congress.  What does he mean by “vagueness?”  And, why is this suggestion so very important for economic growth?  Let’s talk about it now. The impetus for The Wall Street Journal column was the recent Supreme Court decision that found that the [...]
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Will the Financial Overhaul Bill Nationalize America's Financial Sector?

This week Investor’s Business Daily published a powerful and shocking editorial piece dealing with the current financial overhaul bill being debated in the Senate.  According to IBD: “As it stands, Dodd’s bill amounts to a nationalization of our financial sector.”  It goes on to warn of “permanent bailouts” for companies that regulators deem to be [...]
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