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Ebola, ObamaCare, and the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security

Let’s face it.  The media has picked up on the topic of Ebola and it’s in the news headlines a lot these days.  While only a few people have contracted the Ebola virus in the U. S. today, many Americans are probably sick of the nonstop Ebola media coverage.  Let’s talk about Ebola, ObamaCare, and the [...]
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Will Dengue Fever and Chikungunya (”The Virus of Pain”) Hit America?

In a foreboding Editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, IBD reports on the Secretary of State warning about another surge of illegal immigrants that might come across our borders, at the very same time that Central America is dealing with new epidemics of terrible diseases.  Will America’s open border policy lead to diseases crossing our southern border?  Will Dengue [...]
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