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Congress vs. The President – An Election Mandate and Next Steps

In my opinion, the 2014 elections sent a clear message to Washington. In fact, I think it gave a very powerful and historical mandate to political leaders that can be summarized as follows: 1. America is way off-track. Get America back on track. 2. As Americans, we are distressed over how the nation is being led. [...]
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Ebola, ObamaCare, and the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security

Let’s face it.  The media has picked up on the topic of Ebola and it’s in the news headlines a lot these days.  While only a few people have contracted the Ebola virus in the U. S. today, many Americans are probably sick of the nonstop Ebola media coverage.  Let’s talk about Ebola, ObamaCare, and the [...]
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Is it Time to Fix Medicaid with Consumer-Driven Health Plans?

This week The Wall Street Journal has a piece by Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, on the success of Indiana’s “Healthy Indiana Plan.” HIP is a consumer-driven health plan designed to help the working poor of Indiana. Today, about 40,000 Indiana people have health savings accounts (HSAs) thanks to HIP.  HIP consumers are empowered in [...]
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ObamaCare – Another Reason Why It's Unconstitutional

It seems like the more we read, the more we learn that ObamaCare is an economic mistake, a health care mistake, and a constitutional mistake.  In an article in The Wall Street Journal this week, it now appears that ObamaCare also violates the general welfare clause of Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution.  [...]
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What's the Real Significance of this Election to the American Economy?

If the pundits and commentators are correct, today’s election will be historic in scope.  Most think the House will change hands and some believe the Senate might change as well.  Simply changing party control, however, is not the complete reason for its being a historic election.  It’s the extent of turnover of seats in both the House and Senate.  Most importantly, [...]
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High Unemployment, Empty Storefronts, For Sale Signs – When Will We Recover?

Driving around town the signs are obvious.  “For Sale” signs that sit for months on poorly kept lawns.  Empty storefronts with empty parking lots that painfully remind us of a few years ago when times seemed better.  Plus, we hear about high unemployment all the time – 9.5% nationally, 14.2% in Nevada, 13.2% in Michigan, and 12.3% in California [...]
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Is Wealth Redistribution the Best Way to Get Excellent Health Care?

Dr. Berwick, the new interim apppointment to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is in the news a lot lately over his remark about “… any health-care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must – must – redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and less [...]
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Vagueness Impedes Economic Growth – Why?

Writing in The Wall Street Journal this week, Daniel Henninger suggests a “void-for-vagueness doctrine” for Congress.  What does he mean by “vagueness?”  And, why is this suggestion so very important for economic growth?  Let’s talk about it now. The impetus for The Wall Street Journal column was the recent Supreme Court decision that found that the [...]
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New Health Care Law – Costs are Going Up and Up and Up!

The ink is barely dry on the new health care law and the Washington Examiner reports on their website that cost estimates are increasing … and not just a little.  According to the article, the cost impact on Virginia will be $1.5B which is almost $400M more than the original cost estimate.  And, that’s just one State!  This [...]
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Is the Outlook for Jobs Very Bleak?

An opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal this week paints a very gloomy picture for jobs in America.  According to the article, at least one third of the 162,000 new jobs created in March were temporary census jobs and the actual new jobs created were insufficient to keep up with population growth.  In addition, [...]
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