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The Death of the Internet – What To Expect Next?

The Federal Communications Commission appears set this week to approve President Obama’s plan for Net Neutrality – a benign sounding name for the strong handed regulation, taxation, and control of the Internet.  The result of Net Neutrality will be a convoluted and burdened Internet that I like to call ObamaNet.  Indeed, unless stopped by the courts or Congress, Net Neutrality will [...]
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The New Emerging Drone Industry – Will Regulations Keep It from Getting Off the Ground?

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  They are simply robots that fly and can perform any number of productive tasks such as taking photographs or videos of homes and commercial properties for real estate agents.  Other potential uses include monitoring farm lands and crops, overseeing drilling sites, and tracking construction projects.  Drones can also be [...]
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What does Uber’s Taxi App say about Taxi Regulations?

Getting a taxi in many cities has now been dramatically changed.  Uber is the mobile app that allows people to order a taxi ride from their mobile phone.  Potential customers need to download the Uber app and open an account.  Then, it takes a few clicks to order a taxi ride.  No need for a [...]
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