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Have Big Government Regulations on Small Businesses Gone Way Overboard?

In a surprising and startling editorial this week in The Wall Street Journal, a new study by the Institute for Justice is cited, detailing regulation after regulation, heaped upon entrepreneurs and small businesses in Los Angeles.  You might think that Los Angeles with an unemployment rate of 13.7% in September might want to encourage people [...]
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Will Americans Choose Economic Growth and Prosperity – Or Economic Decline and Poverty?

Today, America is at an extremely critical juncture in our history.  We are a prosperous nation on the brink of economic decline.  We are currently in the midst of an exceptionally weak recovery, following the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  America is following a set of high tax and reckless spending policies that are creating astoundingly-high [...]
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Is This a Job-Less Recovery or a Job-Loss Recovery?

Special Blog Posting In a powerful editorial this week, Investor’s Business Daily talks about our current anemic recovery with high unemployment.  They point out that today’s unemployment rate of 9.6% is actually higher that when the recession ended in June 2009, a date that the National Bureau of Economic Research just announced this week.  Then, it was [...]
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Will Another $50 Billion Stimulus Kick-Start Our Economy?

Jobs.  Jobs.  Jobs.  It’s at the top of all the headlines this week.  It’s the number one story and it’s being debated coast-to-coast.  President Obama is proposing another $50 Billion stimulus package for roads, runways, and railways to boost our economy - in other words – to create jobs by building our transportation infrastructure.  The president [...]
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Why Is Unemployment So High This Labor Day?

Unemployment is in the news again.  In a detailed op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal this week, Robert Barro shows why he believes unemployment would be significantly lower if unemployment benefits had not been extended from the standard 26 weeks to 99 weeks.  His calculations indicate that unemployment might be under 7% right now if [...]
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High Unemployment, Empty Storefronts, For Sale Signs – When Will We Recover?

Driving around town the signs are obvious.  “For Sale” signs that sit for months on poorly kept lawns.  Empty storefronts with empty parking lots that painfully remind us of a few years ago when times seemed better.  Plus, we hear about high unemployment all the time – 9.5% nationally, 14.2% in Nevada, 13.2% in Michigan, and 12.3% in California [...]
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Why Do Higher Tax Rates Often Lead to Lower Tax Revenues?

It’s really counter-intuitive.  But, raising tax rates, leads to lower tax revenues for the government and lower economic growth for the economy.  Well-known economist Arthur Laffer reminds readers of this fact in an article in The Wall Street Journal this week.  The article includes lots of data for the skeptics too.  If you get a [...]
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Are Teenagers Helped or Hurt by Minimum Wage Laws?

A recent Wall Street Journal article cites a new study that deals with teenage unemployment and the minimum wage.  About a year ago, the Federal minimum wage was raised over 40% to $7.25 per hour.  One year later, what’s the impact of that minimum wage rate increase?  Did it help or hurt teenagers seeking work?  [...]
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Should Jobless Benefits Be Extended for the Eighth Time?

An editorial in The Wall Street Journal this week discusses the proposal to extend jobless benefits for the eighth time since the recession started.  This extension would mean the unemployed can collect benefits for up to 99 weeks, nearly two years.  Is this a good idea from an economics point of view?  Is this compassion?  Or, are [...]
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Economic Optimism Down – 17 Month Low – Why?

SPECIAL BLOG POSTING Investor’s Business Daily reported this week that economic optimism is down to a 17 month low, according to the IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index.  Separately, small business confidence is also declining with a lower sales outlook, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.  Why has economic optimism declined?  Are these results unexpected?  Let’s [...]
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