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Letter to Pope Francis: World Needs Freedom to End Poverty

This is my open letter to Pope Francis that is being published the week of his visit to America.  I share it to shed light on the causes and cures of world poverty. Your Holiness, Pope Francis: Welcome to America! I share your deeply-held concern for the poor of the world.  My concern for global poverty and destitution [...]
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Today’s Top News and the Presidential Election

All the top news stories this week might seem totally unrelated, but look closer.  They are all closely related to the 2016 Presidential Election.  What are the top news stories this week?  How are they related to each other?  And, how are they related to the 2016 Presidential Election.  Let’s explore the big news headlines this week and answer all these [...]
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Is Economic Freedom Necessary for Prosperity? New Data Says Yes!

Once again, economists and others can see the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity by reviewing the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom released today by The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation.  In a powerful article in The Wall Street Journal, Terry Miller, Director of the Center for International Trade and Economics at Heritage, [...]
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Is State Capitalism Superior to Market Capitalism? The Case of China.

An article in The Wall Street Journal this week raises questions about the long-standing consensus that market competition is better than central planning.  Using an example from China’s success in the emerging solar energy industry,  the question arises: Is State Capitalism superior to Market Capitalism?  If not, how can China’s successes be explained?  Let’s talk about it [...]
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