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Net Neutrality – What’s the Latest?

Net Neutrality is one of the hottest topics in the news this week.  Net Neutrality is likely to significantly impact the Internet and freedom and nearly all Americans for years to come, if it is not thrown out by the courts, or by new legislation, or by a future FCC composed of a majority of [...]
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The Death of the Internet – What To Expect Next?

The Federal Communications Commission appears set this week to approve President Obama’s plan for Net Neutrality – a benign sounding name for the strong handed regulation, taxation, and control of the Internet.  The result of Net Neutrality will be a convoluted and burdened Internet that I like to call ObamaNet.  Indeed, unless stopped by the courts or Congress, Net Neutrality will [...]
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Net Neutrality – Obamacare for the Internet?

Net Neutrality – it’s in the news again.  Net Neutrality made news headlines today as the President calls for regulations on the Internet to keep “a free and open Internet.” BUT … will these new regulations keep the Internet free and open?  Or, will they do just the opposite?  Will they discourage innovation?  Will they discourage new [...]
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