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2015: The End of the Mainstream Media

I believe the year 2015 is the year that America will witness the end of the mainstream media.  That’s a bold statement.  Yet, I believe 2015 will turn out to be a significant inflection point in American history.  Years from now, when historians look back at 2015, I believe it will be considered the year the mainstream media died.  It [...]
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Carbon Dioxide Emissions – The EPA to Propose 30% Limitations – A Top Story This Week

This week’s top news story seems to be about the EPA proposing a new rule on carbon dioxide emissions.  The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, The Washington Post are all carrying top news stories on Sunday night, June 1st, on the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.  According to the WSJ, the EPA will mandate power [...]
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Taxes, Economic Growth, and the Outlook for 2011

Taxes are in the news again this week.  Articles abound and the media is filled with story after story on whether or not the proposed changes in tax policies being debated will take place and will they stimulate economic growth.  The extension of the Bush tax cuts, income tax rates, estate taxes, a payroll tax holiday, even an [...]
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Stock Market Crashes – What's Going On?

The stock market crashed!  The market went from bullish to bearish in a flash!  The Dow was down about 1000 points at one point during the trading day, closing at about 347 off for the day.  All 30 Dow component stocks were down, Bank of America was down around 7%.  What happened?  Why so fast?  [...]
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Will the Financial Overhaul Bill Nationalize America's Financial Sector?

This week Investor’s Business Daily published a powerful and shocking editorial piece dealing with the current financial overhaul bill being debated in the Senate.  According to IBD: “As it stands, Dodd’s bill amounts to a nationalization of our financial sector.”  It goes on to warn of “permanent bailouts” for companies that regulators deem to be [...]
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The Constitution, Economic Freedom and Health Care "Reform"

Health care “reform” continues to be at the top of the news.  Constituents are flooding Congressional phone lines.  The debate rages on.  Last week, I made a strong case against so-called health care “reform” outlining 14 key points.  Today, I want to take a step back and focus on health care “reform” from two critically important vantage points: our [...]
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Health Care Freedom vs. Health Care Reform

President Obama met with Congressional leaders on Tuesday discussing a number of issues including the topic of health care reform.  A health summit is set for February 25th.  So, health care reform is back in the news again.  Let’s step back for a moment and answer the question: What’s the impact of health care “reform” on individual Americans? In my new [...]
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America It's Up to You – More Taxes or More Jobs?

With the release of President’s Obama’s new budget, a critical debate has started to take place.  What’s the best way to create new jobs and economic growth?  Keynesian economists advocate increased government spending to create demand.  Of course, with increased spending, typically comes much higher taxes.  Some say that Obama’s new budget will result in $2T (Trillion!) [...]
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“America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life” Launches Tomorrow

My new book “America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money [...]
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