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Should Democratic Dinosaurs Lead America into the Future?

It’s really ironic and a sad commentary on the Democratic Party that three of their leading contenders for president are political dinosaurs from the past.  Consider these potential presidential nominees … Bernie Sanders - a self-identified 73 year old socialist.  Socialism and Marxism trace their discredited philosophy largely back to a 19th century book (Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto, 1848). Hillary Clinton - a self-identified 67 [...]
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Fifty Shades of Conservatives

This week Marco Rubio tossed his hat into the Republican presidential nomination sweepstakes by announcing his candidacy. What is striking about the 2016 presidential election cycle is the subtle differences among the Republican presidential candidates. We literally have 10 or even 20 shades of conservatives either announced as candidates, unannounced but possibly going to [...]
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I also want to wish everyone freedom, peace, prosperity, and compassion.  With freedom, with religious freedom, political freedom, and economic freedom, we can all live a more peaceful, prosperous, and compassionate life.
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The Cuba Decision – Bad for Freedom but Good for Tyranny

The decision to normalize relations with Cuba by the current administration has been called “another concession to tyranny.”  Why is this decision bad for freedom and good for tyranny?  Let’s look at some of the reasons … 1.  America is the beacon for hope for oppressed people around the world.  This decision makes it look like [...]
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The Price of Oil Continues to Plummet, Markets are Shaken, Russia Raises Key Interest Rate to 17%, Should We Be Concerned?

The price of oil has plummeted since June 2014.  Brent crude oil went from over $110 per barrel to about $61 per barrel, a remarkable drop of close to 50%.  Its impacts are being felt around the world and watched closely by governments, central bankers, financial markets, analysts, investors, and others.  Let’s look at (1) [...]
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Has the FTC Gone Too Far in its Legal Settlement with Google?

In a Wall Street Journal article last week that discusses the FTC legal settlement with Google, we learn that this settlement might impact technology innovation for the next 20 years!  What legal settlement are they referring too?  Why might it impact technology innovation for 20 years?  Has the Federal Trade Commission morphed into the Federal [...]
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Labor Day, Minimum Wage, and Freedom of Labor – Do They Work Together?

It’s September again, and for the most part, Americans had Monday off from work. Our annual passage from summer to fall, the three-day Labor Day weekend, just passed us by. Unfortunately, it didn’t go by quietly. There were more calls from progressive socialists for their age-old cry for an increase in the [...]
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My Newest Book Tour Planned for September

I want to update everyone on my coming National Book Tour.  This is my third National Book Tour corresponding to my third book. Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help is quite possibly the most important and comprehensive book ever written on Freedom.  It is available now in a print edition [...]
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In Case Your Taxes aren’t High Enough, Now Suggestions for “Meat Taxes”

Chances are you think your taxes are high enough.  But, just in case your taxes are not high enough, some are now suggesting imposing “meat taxes.” In The Wall Street Journal this week, an article discusses the idea of “meat taxes.”  Why you ask?  It seems like a number of people are concerned that meats contribute [...]
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What's the Real Significance of this Election to the American Economy?

If the pundits and commentators are correct, today’s election will be historic in scope.  Most think the House will change hands and some believe the Senate might change as well.  Simply changing party control, however, is not the complete reason for its being a historic election.  It’s the extent of turnover of seats in both the House and Senate.  Most importantly, [...]
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