How Will America Make Up for those 830,000 Barrels of Lost Oil Each Day?

Well, it happened.  According to a June 20, 2014 editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, the Ottawa government finally made a decision to build a pipeline to Canada’s west coast.  From there, the crude oil will probably be shipped to Asia from a supertanker port.

Unfortunately for America, the administration refused to approve Keystone, despite the fact that the State Department did not think it was an environmental problem.  The Ottawa government simply gave up waiting for the administration to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline and it made its own decision.

Just think America could have had 830,000 barrels of oil flow through the Keystone pipeline every day (assuming full capacity usage) to the U. S. Gulf Coast for refining and distribution.  Plus, pipelines are the safest means of getting oil and gas to Americans.

Just think of the thousands of jobs lost, at the same time that millions of Americans are not employed.  Just think of the lost opportunity for more energy for America.  Just think of the impact on the American Economy and American families.  It’s estimated by The Heritage Foundation that the pipeline would have brought in billions of dollars of taxes to the States through which Keystone would have run.

Plus, once again, the will of the American people was ignored.  According to a Rasmussen poll reported on by The Heritage Foundation, 61% of Americans favored building Keystone.

This is truly a lost opportunity for America and the American consumer.

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