Fox News Channel Interview – Great People, Enjoyed Doing the Interview

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Fox News.  It was a great experience and the Fox News Channel staff were terrific people.  If you’re interested in learning more about the interview, please read on.

The live interview took place last Tuesday and went about 15 minutes from roughly 1:45 pm – 2:00 pm EDT.  The topic was jobs and I went into detail on how taxes impacted job creation and economic growth.  Host and reporter Rick Leventhal conducted the interview.  The program was called “On the Job Hunt” and it appeared on Fox’s The Strategy Room on the Internet.  According to Fox News, “The Strategy Room is the web’s most talked about live show.”

My interview was done live from Fox News Channel’s Denver News Bureau and home of Fox 31 KDVR, a Fox O&O (owned and operated) station.  It is a beautiful facility.  Plus, the Fox News Channel staff treated me very well … from the moment security cleared me into the building, until I left about an hour later.

Once in the building, I was ushered into a great studio with glass walls overlooking the Denver skyline.  They had a tall, director-type chair for me with the skyline as a backdrop.  Of course, the technology was impressive and the make-up room was extensive.  Incidentally, I got to see the big studio for KDVR’s nightly news.  It was surprising in its size and layout with many office cubes, opening onto the set, out of camera range.

Once I sat in the director’s chair with the Denver skyline behind me … and had my earpiece in my left ear and my mike attached to my tie, I was ready to roll.  I simply had a fantastic time.  I was relaxed and enjoyed my on-air time.  15 minutes with no commercial breaks.  That’s a plus with an Internet show over broadcast and cable TV, more talk time.  I loved doing the show and I felt very comfortable and at ease.  As much as I enjoy talking to Talk Radio hosts, I thought TV might eventually be my true home in the media.

I’m hoping there will be another opportunity to be interviewed on Fox News Channel.  I’m also hoping it will be on Fox News or Fox Business.  Either way, I expect it will a great time.

For any Fox News Channel staff who happen to read this blog post, I think you’re great people!  Thank you for the great job you do and for treating me so very well.

For those of you who want to listen to my interview, Fox News posted a video clip of part of the interview on their website.  Here’s the link: .  Hope you enjoy listening.

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