Should Pentagon Defend America against Arctic Ice or ISIS?

Climate change is in the news again.  This time because the president is requiring the Pentagon to monitor shrinking arctic ice levels.  Is it more important to focus our military resources on so-called climate change?  Or, should our limited military resources instead be directed against global terrorism, ISIS, potential EMP attacks, and other national security threats?  Let’s discuss these questions now …

What is So-Called “Climate Change” to this Administration?

If the administration is concerned about climate change causing a shrinkage in arctic ice, presumably it believes the world is going through some type of global warming caused by greenhouse gases.  However, global warming has been discredited over the years.  There’s evidence it was a hoax.  There’s evidence that some scientists were not forthcoming and transparent with the data.  There’s evidence that some data was collected in ways that would drive conclusions supporting global warming.  Example – capturing temperature data at collection sites that were heat islands or ocean paths near shipping routes.

Global warming evidence is severely compromised.  In fact, some experts believe the world is actually in a period of global cooling and that there exists normal short term, warming and cooling cycles, along with major long range cycles.

If So-Called Climate Change Really Exists, Is it Really a Serious Threat to America’s National Security?

Nations consisting of people who live with certain ideologies are the real sources of national security threats to America.  Does ISIS threaten America because of a heat wave in the Middle East or a cold winter somewhere in their world?  Can a hurricane launch an EMP Attack against Miami?  Of course not, climate change (if such even exists) is not a national security threat.

Why Should the Military be Given the Job of Monitoring Arctic Ice?

With military budget cuts, with troop force reductions, with numerous missions and mission creep, can our military take on a role better done by another government agency?  How about using NOAA or NASA or some other agency that might be more familiar with directly doing scientific research?  Isn’t our military stretched too thin?

An Incredible Example?

Let’s take just one example reported in the news this week.  USA Today reports this week that the Marine Corps is investigating the possibility of deploying our brave Marines on FOREIGN VESSELS due to a shortage in U.S. Naval ships.  Just imagine if America has to ask Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom to give Marines a ride on their ships because America doesn’t have enough vessels available.  That’s an incredible story of how our military is being decimated by the current administration.

Another Issue for the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign

Without question, the state of America’s defense and military readiness should be a top issue for the 2016 presidential election campaign.  In this dangerous world, America can’t let its guard down.  We must have the best military fighting forces in the world, with the best equipment, and the best technology.  We don’t need a 21st century Pearl Harbor.

For More Information

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