Ebola, ObamaCare, and the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security

Let’s face it.  The media has picked up on the topic of Ebola and it’s in the news headlines a lot these days.  While only a few people have contracted the Ebola virus in the U. S. today, many Americans are probably sick of the nonstop Ebola media coverage.  Let’s talk about Ebola, ObamaCare, and the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security.  They are all related to one other in America today.

To begin with, what are the important facts?  Ebola is a virulent infection if contracted by an individual.  We commonly hear that 70% or 80% of those infected do not survive.  We also know that there is an outbreak in certain areas in Africa.

It’s patently obvious that to protect Americans the administration should shut down flights from the affected African countries into the U. S. until the Ebola outbreak is quelled.  If that prevents even one American from dying from this deadly disease, it is worth it.  It’s also common sense to shut down our southern border to prevent not only Ebola from coming across the border into America, but also to stop the flow of Dengue Fever and Chikungunya (the “Virus of Pain”) from infecting America.  This is also true since apparently many immigrants coming across the border are sent to other States around the country, making widespread infection more likely.

Recall from my blog post of September 28th, there are many cases of Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, and Tuberculosis going on in Central America this year.  For example, there are about 183,000 cases of the Virus of Pain in Central America this year alone.

Just as the administration has failed to act to prevent flights into the U. S. from infected African countries infected with Ebola, it has also failed to shut down our southern border.  This has created concern among many Americans.  It is similar in one sense to ObamaCare which has also caused great concern and confusion in our health care system.  The problems and issues that embroil ObamaCare have been documented in many other venues, so I won’t attempt to repeat them here.

As I discuss in my new book Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help, there are 25 essential components of Freedom necessary to have a completely free nation.  One of the 25 essential components is the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security.  Americans are not living in complete peace and security today, knowing that several major diseases might infect themselves and their family members, as well as knowing that their health care insurance premiums, co-payments, access to doctors and hospitals, and the availability of medications, procedures, and protocols are all threatened by ObamaCare.

Americans should live in Freedom and that includes the Freedom of Living in Peace and Security.

Incidentally, not knowing if terrorists are entering America through the open southern border doesn’t help create a sense of security either.

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