Health Care Freedom vs. Health Care Reform

President Obama met with Congressional leaders on Tuesday discussing a number of issues including the topic of health care reform.  A health summit is set for February 25th.  So, health care reform is back in the news again.  Let’s step back for a moment and answer the question: What’s the impact of health care “reform” on individual Americans?

In my new book, “America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life,” I address this question very directly.  The Battle against a Free Market in Health Care (one of 47 major battles and 3 special battles covered in the book) is crucial for all Americans to understand.

The battle boils down to a battle for health care freedom.  Will Americans have the freedom to seek and get in a timely manner the level of health care they desire?  Will they be denied critical health care services or treatments?  Will health care bureaucrats dictate to all Americans what services or treatments they are allowed to have (as is done in other countries living under government-dictated health care)?  According to one source, wait times in Canada for emergency heart surgeries can be five to six weeks!

With a free market in health care (as opposed to the over-regulated and burdened market we have now), both health care and health care insurance costs will likely decline, innovation will likely increase, health care quality will also probably improve significantly.  The answer to sky-rocketing health care costs is not more government regulations, interference and control.  It’s a free market in health care.  (For more detailed information, please read: “America’s Economic War.”)

The Battle for a Free Market in Health Care is a battle for health care freedom vs. so-called health care “reform.”  In “America’s Economic War,” your freedom, money and life are at risk.

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