Will Dengue Fever and Chikungunya (”The Virus of Pain”) Hit America?

In a foreboding Editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, IBD reports on the Secretary of State warning about another surge of illegal immigrants that might come across our borders, at the very same time that Central America is dealing with new epidemics of terrible diseases.  Will America’s open border policy lead to diseases crossing our southern border?  Will Dengue Fever hit America soon?  Will the U. S. fall prey to Chikungunya, the so-called “Virus of Pain?”  Are people being overly dramatic?  Or, is the evidence real that we are in danger?  Should America take immediate action to prevent outbreaks of these terrible diseases in America?  Let’s look at the facts right now.

Fact #1 – Around 183,000 cases of chikungunya  (”The Virus of Pain”) have been detected in Central America THIS YEAR ALONE!  It’s carried by mosquitoes, just like Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever.

Fact #2 – Today there is a major epidemic of Dengue Fever going on in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador with a staggering 120,000 cases and at least 60 deaths.

Fact #3 – The infection rate of tuberculosis in Central America is 10 times the rate in the United States.

It seems foolish to allow our southern borders to be open to illegal immigrants who are ill and might spread infections and diseases within our borders.  Of course, we want to help poor people who are sick.  But, we also must protect American citizens from epidemics.

Our open border policy puts all Americans at risk.  Isn’t it time we fixed this problem?  It’s a problem we can fix.  Let’s get to work on it right now.

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