Will New Immigrants Impact Future Elections?

Right now, the Federal government permits somewhere between 11 and 20 million illegal aliens to live in the United States.  In addition, the government allows over another 1 million immigrants to enter the United States every year.  Plus, the government has NO LIMIT on immediate family members of aliens allowed into the country.  The 1 million green cards are used for workers, refugees and dependents.  There are also another 500,000 foreign immigrants sought by college administrators.  That’s a lot of immigration.  In fact, out of all worldwide migrants, 20% come to the United States.  It might seem surprising at first that about 32 million immigrants have come into the U. S. in the last three decades!  Will the new immigrants impact future elections?  If yes, how will they impact future elections?  Let’s discuss this situation now …

What Caused the Flood Gates of Immigration to Open?

Much of this situation can be traced back to 1965 when Senator Ted Kennedy pushed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.  It was part and parcel of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.

Who Do Immigrants Seem to Favor Politically – Republicans, Democrats or Independents?

According to one study by YouGov, naturalized immigrants identify with Democrats 62.5% of the time, with Republicans 24.6% of the time, and with Independents 12.9% of the time.   Byron York of the Washington Examiner concluded after studying immigration that the only way the Democratic Party can expect to grow in  the future is through immigration.  Otherwise, election dynamics would not favor them.

It might surprise some people but Ann Coulter believes that if it weren’t for immigration over the past 40 years or so, Mitt Romney would have carried California during the 2012 presidential election in a landslide.

The bottom line is that immigrants coming from nations that are not as free as America, or immigrants who come from situations of dire poverty, are more likely to vote initially for big government welfare programs to secure their basic needs.

Will New Immigrants Impact Future Elections?

Yes, they will likely make it easier for Democrats to get elected with promises of more welfare programs.

Is the Immigration Situation Today one more Attempt by Progressives to Fundamentally Transform America?

Yes, some conservatives believe that the immigration situation we face today is just part of progressive socialist’s attempts to fundamentally transform America from our system of freedom and free market capitalism into a socialist welfare state.

Will the Immigrants Change America or Will America Change the Immigrants?

Probably both will come true.  Obviously, most Americans want to help the truly poor.  But, can we continue to encourage the very poor to immigrate to America?  What budget can we spend on helping the destitute, the poor, the ill, who all seek to come to an affluent nation?  Do we want to destroy the American economy and bankrupt it in the process?  Do we want to bring America’s economy down to the level of a third-world country?

A better approach is to recognize the human dignity in every immigrant and educate them to become Americans.  Rather than America going down economically, let’s bring the immigrants up economically.

Also, we need to enforce our current immigration laws and we must immediately halt illegal immigration.  One more thing.  We need to have a national debate on how many new immigrants we need to bring into America every year.  Is it time to halt all immigration and take a deep breath for a few years?  Maybe, we should help to assimilate the millions of immigrants who are already here.

For Those Immigrants Who are in America Legally, What Can We Do to Help Integrate them into American Culture and Society?

1.  They must be educated in the English language.

2.  They must be educated in our government, the Rule of Law, and the vital importance of freedom.

3. They must be educated in getting and holding a job, our economy, and basic financial matters.

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