“America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life” Launches Tomorrow

My new book “America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life” launches tomorrow (Thursday, November 5, 2009).  It’s a powerful, yet easy-to-read, book that is written to help citizens understand the war between American Capitalism and socialism that is raging across America today.  It describes 47 major battles and three special battles being fought across American Culture, American Government and the American Economy.  It details the dangers to individual Americans and their family’s freedom, money and lives.

One thing worth noting about my new book is that it also shows how religion/culture, politics and economics are all closely inter-related to form an economic system.  The book specifically introduces Lameiro’s First Law of Economics and Socialism’s Chain of Control. It also presents and explains Lameiro’s Architecture of American Capitalism as the reason for American Exceptionalism.

So, my new book is really like two books in one – a nonfiction book about America’s Economic War, its dangers, strategies and battles plus an easy-to-read, economics book for citizens that discusses American Capitalism and socialism and why American Capitalism with its religious freedom, political freedom and economic freedom is far superior to socialism.

“America’s Economic War – Your Freedom, Money and Life” launches tomorrow (Thursday, November 5, 2009) and is available on Amazon.com and from other booksellers.

I think this book is a potential classic and I think it will be read by thousands of citizens for years to come.

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