Should Trump Be the #1 Issue in the Presidential Election?

If you read the online news sites, you would think Donald Trump is the #1 issue in the 2016 presidential election.  People are debating what Trump said, what Trump didn’t say, and what Trump meant to say.  People are demanding Trump apologize.  People are demanding that Trump drop out of the presidential race.  Some people like his honesty.  Some people like Trump’s bravado and directness.  Some people think he’s struck a nerve with voters, angry with how America is getting off track.  Some people like the fact that he doesn’t need other people’s money to run his campaign.

But, regardless of what you think about Trump, pro or con, Trump seems to be getting most of the attention in the 2016 presidential election right now.  My question is: Should Trump be the #1 issue in the presidential election?  Let’s talk about that question now …

What are the Top Issues in America Today?

Certainly, the top issues in America today are not Donald Trump and his statements that were either directly confrontational or can be interpreted as controversial.  Trump’s opinions are his and his alone.  Every other candidate and every other voter are free to decide for themselves about the value or lack of value of Trump’s statements.

Here’s what’s important in America today?

National Security. How do we protect America from ISIS terrorists who claim to be in 15 States in America and who claim to be ready to attack?  How do we protect American military service men and women who serve in the United States from shootings?  Why don’t we permit them to be armed?  What can we do to stop the decline in our military forces and readiness?  Are we inviting new wars from a position of weakness?

The Economy. Let’s face it.  This is the worst recovery since the Great Depression.  What policies does America need to jumpstart our economy.  Over 93 million Americans of working age do NOT have jobs.  What can we do to help them?  What can we do to make it easier to start a new business to help create new jobs?  What can we do to restore a booming economy with positive and much higher GDP growth?

Freedoms. Everywhere we turn, we see America’s freedom being eroded.  Our religious, political and economic liberties are all threatened.

What Can the Other Candidates Do?

The other presidential candidates need to focus on the real issues facing America, and on the solutions they offer to solve those problems.  Trump is not the issue.

For More Information

For more information on the issues facing America today, please read my newest book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom.

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