Ten Questions to Ask after the Republican Presidential Debates

Anticipation is building in the hours leading up to the first Republican presidential debates.  Trump is clearly on top of the polls with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker close behind.  Making a strong run-up in the last week is Ted Cruz with his tough stance against the awful Iran nuclear deal.  Here are the questions that are worth asking and answering in the hours and days immediately following the debates.  Let’s discuss these questions now …

[Note to Hosts and Producers:  I plan to be available to discuss these questions on-air immediately after the debate on Thursday night, all day Friday, and in the days following the debate.]

Ten Questions -

1.  Who won the debate?  Was there a clear winner?  Who came close?

2.  Will Trump stay on top of the polls after the debate is over?  If not, who will move to the top of the polls?

3.  Did Trump appear presidential during the debate?

4.  Did Trump stumble during the debate?  Did he attempt to recover?  Did he actually recover?

5.  Among the other presidential candidates, who appeared most presidential?  Who appeared least presidential?

6.  Who won the Runner-Up Debate at 5 PM/ET preceding the Top 10 Debate at 9PM/ET?  Was there a clear winner?

7.  Will anyone from the Runner-Up Debate now move into the top tier of candidates?

8.  Which presidential candidate had the best “zinger” line?

9.  Which presidential candidate had the “funniest” line?

10.  Was the debate format good?  Was it fair to all candidates?  Were the debate anchors’ questions good?

About Dr. Lameiro -

Gerard Francis Lameiro, Ph.D. is an Author, Philosopher, and Economist.  Dr. Lameiro is a veteran of many election campaigns, including Ronald Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 presidential election campaigns.  Dr. Lameiro was a Member of the 1980 Presidential Electoral College and personally cast one electoral vote for Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States of America.

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