Ten Reasons the Iran Deal is Bad for America

Six global powers and Iran have made an agreement dealing with Iran’s nuclear future and sanctions.  Without question, the deal places America, Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world at grave risk.  There is no need for America to go out on a limb and take this enormous risk.  This is simply a bad deal for America, quite possibly the most dangerous agreement America has made in its 239 years of history.  Let’s list just 10 reasons why the Iran deal is bad for America now …

1.  It all but assures that Iran will get nuclear weapons.

While it might appear to slow down Iran at first, it leaves in place the technology to eventually get nuclear weapons.

2.  Iran is not an ally of America.  Iran recently held a “Death to America” rally.  American military officials translated a secret Iranian military handbook that endorses an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack against America and lists 20 potential American targets.

Iran could launch an EMP attack against America by detonating a nuclear weapon high up in our atmosphere.  The impact could wipe out America’s electric grid in less than one second and do massive, additional devastating damage.  For example, all jets in the sky at the time of attack could have their electronics wiped out and begin falling back to earth.

3.  According to at least one presidential candidate, Iran has never kept a deal.  So, why would they honor this deal?

Examples – Consider, its illicit purchases for its Arak plutonium plant recently.  Or, the attempt to covertly purchase dual-use technologies that was fortunately blocked.

4.  Iran gets to determine what sites are verified for compliance and what scientists can be interviewed.

What kind of compliance does this guarantee?  If Iran wants to normalize its relationship with the rest of the world, why not open up all facilities and be transparent?  South Africa was forthcoming when it wanted to eliminate its nuclear weapons program.

5.  Iran exports terrorism.  Why not include in the agreement the requirement that Iran cease all terrorism and support for terrorist clients?

It doesn’t make sense to give money or economic benefits to a country that exports terrorism, especially terrorism aimed at America and Americans.  Iran gets $18 Billion from America.  Does that make any sense?

6.  The Iran deal will likely cause a de-stabilization of the Middle East, with a nuclear arms race among Arab nations, and an increased threat to Israel’s very existence (our long-time ally and friend of freedom).

An Iran with nuclear weapons changes the dynamics of power in the Middle East.  A world war can more easily be triggered, especially if Iran hopes to extend its influence and control client states and terrorist groups.

7.  The Iran deal makes no sense in light of strong Republican disagreement.  The deal might only last to January 20, 2017.

Scott Walker has already stated his intention to rescind the agreement the first day of his term in office, if elected president.

8.  Iran is still holding American prisoners.  No deal should be agreed to unless and until all Americans are safely released and returned to America.

America holds all the cards in this negotiation.  Why is the Iran deal so unilaterally against our interests?

9.  The Iran deals does nothing to stop Iran’s development of ballistic missiles.  Ballistic missiles with nuclear weapons would make Iran a strategic nuclear threat to America and the world.

The Iran deal should have stopped this capability from being developed.

10.  Enforcement and “snapback mechanisms” might be delayed for months.  We can anticipate Iran will make efforts to delay the reinstatement of economic sanctions should they cheat.

For example, the U. N. sanctions have a 65 day snapback period.

What Countries are Part of the Agreement?

The United States, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China, France, Germany (and the European Union) as well as Iran all agreed to the Iran deal.

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