What 5 Things Does a Conservative Presidential Candidate Need to be Nominated?

What 5 things does a presidential candidate need to get nominated, and more importantly, to get elected President of the United States of America.  With 6 conservative presidential candidates already officially in the race, 4 more candidates possibly announcing in the next three weeks, and potentially 7 more candidates that might announce later, we’re talking 17 potential conservative candidates.  What’s going on?  Why so many conservative candidates?  Plus, what does a presidential candidate need to get nominated and elected?  We will discuss these questions now …

Why are there 17 Potential Conservative Presidential Candidates?

For potential candidates to give up their current lives, sometimes their current jobs or activities, and to give up their time with loved ones and families, there have to be major reasons for the sacrifices.  I believe the potential presidential candidates to be genuinely concerned about America’s current situation and its decline.  Reflecting the mood of many Americans, presidential candidates see America careening down the tracks and facing a possible derailment, much like the recent rail disaster near Philadelphia.  They believe America is in real trouble and speeding out of control.  They sense the 3 big issues voters also sense: global insecurity, economic insecurity, and a continuing loss of freedom (such as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms).

I believe that all the presidential candidates are considering running for office because they believe they can make a difference and they think the stakes are too high to stay out of the race.

Realistically, only one conservative presidential candidate can get nominated and only one can possibly become president.  That brings up an important question.

What 5 Things Does a Presidential Candidate Need in order to Get Nominated and to Become President?

The ultimate conservative nominee will need 5 things at a minimum to become President of the United States of America.  If a presidential candidate has all 5 things, he or she is more likely to win the nomination.

First, a potential presidential candidate must stand on a rock solid set of conservative principles that deal with voters’ global insecurity – for example such global issues as foreign policy, military strength, national security, protection of our borders, illegal immigration, and protection from such threats as ISIS attacks in America, and EMP attacks against America.  Those conservative principles need to also address America’s economic insecurity, economic problems and economic stagnation – for example, progressive policies that hurt job creation and create economic uncertainty such as the ObamaCare fiasco.  Finally, Americans love freedom.  A potential presidential candidate and nominee must deal directly with protecting our freedom. protecting the Constitution, following the Rule of Law, eliminating lawlessness in many places in America, and permitting Freedom of Religion that voters used to assume as a given.

Second, a potential presidential candidate must unapologetically promote, protect and defend those conservative principles with enthusiasm and optimism and strength. Conservative voters will reward a strong candidate who debates firmly with confidence.  He or she must take the debate to the progressive socialists and show them why their policies, plans and programs are always failures in the real world, and have been a failure in our cities and where ever tried across America.

Third, a potential presidential candidate needs money to communicate effectively. It will probably take $40 million to $60 million through 2015 to communicate.  Of course, some of that money might not be directly controlled by the candidate.

Fourth, a potential presidential candidate needs a Big Data and Analytics team to communicate effectively, micro-targeting likely voters. If a candidate doesn’t have a stellar Big Data and Analytics team, they will be handicapped from the start.

Fifth, a potential presidential candidate needs a Campaign Management team to run the entire operation. Without great management, a campaign will implode on itself.

Who Will Get Nominated?

It’s difficult to know the answer to that question today.  But, I predict that there will be a top tier of three or four conservative candidates that will lead the early primary and caucus campaigns next January.  All the others will probably be considered for the VP nomination.  If you want to guess who will be the nominee, just look at these 5 things:

  • Someone with Solid Conservative Principles
  • Someone who Communicates those Principles with Enthusiasm and Optimism and Strength
  • Someone with Money – $40 M to $60M Spent by the Campaign or Its Supporters
  • Someone with a Top Big Data and Analytics Team
  • Someone with a Top Campaign Management Team

For More Information

For more information, you can visit GerardLameiro.com and read my Ten Laws for Winning Presidential Elections.  You can also read my newest book Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help.

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