What’s Happened to America’s Middle Class?

What’s happened to America’s “middle class” in the 2016 presidential election race?  Are any presidential candidates mentioning the “middle class” in their campaigns?  Has it disappeared altogether?  What’s going on in the 2016 presidential election campaign anyway?  And, why?  Let’s take a deeper look at the disappearing “middle class” now …

Why Do Presidential Candidates Avoid the Term ”Middle Class” Today?

Amy Chozick in The New York Times gives a progressive answer.  This week, she reports on the presidential campaign and how presidential candidates have often dropped the use of the term “middle class.”  She writes about our current “unsettled economic era.” She notes that the term “middle class” is no longer as positive as it once was to Americans in these words:  “The phrase, long synonymous with the American dream, now evokes anxiety, an uncertain future and a lifestyle that is increasingly out of reach.”

The New York Times article is simply progressive-speak for the economic uncertainty and economic insecurity that “middle class” Americans are feeling.

Of course, you don’t hear progressives talking about how their progressive social policies have damaged the middle class and middle class economics for Americans.  They also don’t talk about how these same progressive social policies have shrunk the middle class.  According to a recent Pew Charitable Trust study, the number of middle class families has declined in every state in America.

Here’s a list of some terms used in place of “middle class:”

  • Hardworking Taxpayers (Scott Walker)
  • Courageous Conservatives (Ted Cruz)
  • Hardworking Men and Women across America (Ted Cruz)
  • American People (Marco Rubio)
  • Every Worker in America (Rand Paul)
  • Working Families (Mike Huckabee)
  • Everyday Americans (Mike Huckabee)
  • Everyday Americans (Hillary Clinton)
  • Ordinary Americans (Bernie Sanders)

What’s Really Important in the 2016 Presidential Election?

It’s very important that the presidential candidates focus on re-building the American economy through sound fiscal policies (spend less and balance the budget), sound regulatory policies (cut burdensome and expensive and unnecessary regulations), and sound monetary policies (that keep inflation very low and the dollar very stable).  These policies will all promote strong and vibrant economic growth through economic freedom and the resulting innovation and prosperity that come from freedom.

Instead of avoiding the term “middle class,” let’s celebrate the American dream.  Plus, let’s re-build and re-energize our “middle class” as it was before it was damaged by progressive socialist policies.

For More Information

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