With Trump Getting Most of the Attention, What Can the Others Do?

Since he first started talking about illegal immigration and border security, Donald Trump has dominated the 2016 presidential campaign.  This week Scott Walker became the 15th Republican presidential candidate to enter the race.  Plus, there are 14 other candidates vying for The Republican nomination and some attention for their ideas.  Even Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders don’t get much press these days.  Now, we learn Mexican drug lord, El Chapo, has threatened Trump on Twitter and Trump has asked the FBI to investigate.  How do all the other presidential contenders get some attention with the American voters?  Let’s talk about this situation now …

What are the Republican Presidential Candidates Doing Now?

Fund-Raising Efforts. Fund-raising is an important activity for most candidates, except for Trump who is funding is own campaign out of personal resources.

Early State Efforts. Some candidates are concentrating their efforts on Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina – the early battleground States in the race for the nomination.  It’s been said that Scott Walker hopes to visit all 99 counties in Iowa, a State that he already leads in the polls.

Special Issue Efforts. Some candidates are attempting to use one or two special issues to draw support to their campaigns.  Rick Santorum, for example, has called for a “National Standard” Marriage Amendment.  Rand Paul is pushing for a 14.5% Fair and Flat Tax as well as an End to Sanctuary Cities.  Trump is focusing on illegal immigration, border security, and being a better negotiator for America with other nations like Iran and China.

What Should the Republican Presidential Candidates Do to Become the Nominee and President?

Be a Leader and Be Tough. Americans are looking for leadership.  They won’t elect a wimp for president.  That’s why Trump has struck a positive cord with some Americans.  Americans also want a solid conservative who will get America back on track.  They want world leadership in dealing with our allies and our foes.

They want economic leadership and strong economic growth, not a sick and anemic economy as we have today.  They want jobs and opportunities.  They don’t want to live on handouts from a big, obtrusive government forever.

Americans also want protection from potential terrorist threats inside America.  Plus, they are sick of the lack of border security and free flow of unstopped, unchecked, illegal immigrants.  They are also upset about illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes and who are not immediately deported.

Forget Scrambled Eggs Campaigning, Instead Campaign Nationally with a Meat and Potatoes Strategy. It might sound good to have scrambled eggs in Iowa and New Hampshire at a local restaurant and talk to ten people in person.  But, there are over 300 million Americans and over 140 million of them might vote in the 2016 presidential election.  Skip the scrambled eggs and go for the meat and potatoes.  The Republican presidential candidates need to fly into 3 – 5 major cities every day and have big events.  If a candidate can’t afford that level of campaigning, then they should drop out of the race and support another better-financed candidate.

Forget the Mainstream Media (It’s History) – Go for the Internet and Talk Radio in a Major Way. In January, I wrote that the mainstream media will end in 2015.  It’s happening as we speak.  Their real impact on next year’s presidential election will not be the same as in 2008 and 2012.  The Republican presidential candidate that wants to be elected next year needs a fantastic Internet strategy that deploys Big Data today.  They also need to be on Talk Radio in every city they visit.  They shouldn’t wait to next September after the conventions are over to get started on the new and better media.

For More Information

I’m currently writing a new book on the critical and historic 2016 presidential election.  It’s scheduled to be out in January 2016.

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