Selected Quotes from Dr. Lameiro

“American Capitalism is God-inspired freedom and individualism.”

“American Capitalism is moral.  Socialism is immoral.”

“Socialism is power-based control and elitism.”

“Socialism is the antithesis of freedom.”

“Socialism always leads to moral and economic bankruptcy.”

“Most of today’s economic “crises” could have been avoided had the Free Market been allowed to function freely.”

“In economic terms, socialism manifests itself in government-dictated centralized planning, control, coercion, compulsion and violence.”

“Truth is the friend of Freedom and American Capitalism, while truth is the enemy of coercion and socialism.”

“Socialism’s assault on the truth is perhaps its greatest act of immorality.”

“American Capitalism is about faith and morality.  Socialism is about atheism and immorality.  American Capitalism is about freedom and peace.  Socialism is about control and violence.  American Capitalism is about free markets and prosperity.  Socialism is about economic inefficiency and poverty.  American Capitalism is about family and trust.  Socialism is about groups of “victims” and distrust.  American Capitalism is about spiritual and material human growth.  Socialism is about moral decay and social disintegration.”

“Freedom, love and peace all go hand-in-hand.  If we want to have more peace in the world, we simply need more love and more freedom in the world.”

“You can’t have freedom without competition.”

“You can’t have free markets without private property.”

“You can’t have prosperity without capital formation.”

Note that capital formation is the process of bringing together capital from savers and investors to invest in new businesses, products and services, in order to meet the needs of individuals and other businesses.

“You can’t have people’s needs met efficiently without profits.”

“In a free market, there is always a job for everyone that wants to work, because there are always unmet needs.”