Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom

It’s probably my best book ever.  It’s possibly the most important and comprehensive book ever written on Freedom.  It’s in the process of launching this week.

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help is my newest book.  It is now available on Amazon and shortly should be available through other retail outlets.  It should also be available soon on Kindle and other devices.  The ISBN is 978-1500676971 for those who might need to know.

My website is currently being updated to reflect the launch of this new book.  We are adding new material like the Pledge of Freedom and the Pledge of Positive Campaigning, both explained in Chapter 18 of Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom.

I’m also planning to do a National Book Tour starting soon.  You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on my schedule.  Although TV and Talk Radio schedules can change at a moment’s notice, I hope to provide tweets and updates to my schedule in real time (or reasonably close to real time).

If you want to get more information on my new book on Freedom, click on the book cover image across this blog in the sidebar on this webpage.  Or, just click on the webpage link on the navigation bar, on the Books button, drop-down menu for more information or to buy the book right now.

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom provides a compelling moral case for Freedom.  It also presents the 25 essential components of a free nation, including the 5 components of Religious Freedom, the 7 components of Political Freedom, the 10 components of Economic Freedom, and the 3 components of the Freedom of Living.  In addition, the book shows how America is losing Freedom, and how we can get Freedom back with an important vision, strategy, and toolkit for Freedom-Loving Americans.

I hope you will order a copy today.  It will likely change your outlook on Freedom and America’s future.

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