2016 Presidential Election Issues – Urban Crime Wave

One vital issue that will likely surface in the 2016 presidential election campaign is the growing urban crime wave in cities across America.  A recent Wall Street Journal op-ed piece documents some of the crime statistics.

Homicides are up a whopping 180% in Milwaukee.  Murders are up in New York City; murders are up in Atlanta; murders are up in St. Louis; murders are up in Chicago; and murders are up in Los Angeles.  This past Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore alone, there were a staggering 32 shootings.  The inner city poor are hurt the most in our current national urban crime wave.

What are the causes?  What are the cures?  Why will it be a 2016 presidential election issue that might change the results of the election?  Let’s take a look at this vitally important issue now …

What are the Causes of America’s Current Urban Crime Wave?

It appears that there are several primary causes for the current urban crime wave.  One reason is probably the constant drumbeat of criticism of our police forces across the nation. While any death of an arrested suspect is a tragedy, it is the job of the police to enforce crime and make arrests.  When suspects resist an arrest, injuries and deaths can ensue.  Needless to say, not every such death can be termed “racist” especially in the cases where both police officers and suspects are both of the same race.

It also appears that many progressive socialists hope to use so-called police over reaction and use of force as an excuse to nationalize police forces across America, moving the police function from State and local jurisdictions under Federal control. Progressives seem to love centralized control as part of their big government, utopian model (that never works).  By the way, if you need a reminder about how poorly big government works in the real world, just recall the chaos, confusion, and cost overruns of ObamaCare.

Progressive socialists also don’t value the concept of private property, the way proponents of freedom do. Recall Karl Marx said that “the theory of the communists may be summed up in the single sentence: abolition of private property.”  Despite some lip service to the contrary, progressives seem to be pushing for little or no criminal consequences to private property crimes.  Instead of jail time for property and drug crimes, rehabilitation programs are often their answer.  But, these programs don’t seem to act as a deterrent to crime.  The progressive rationale is that we need to eliminate mass incarceration that is based in their view on racial bias.

What are the Cures for America’s Current Urban Crime Wave?

First, we must acknowledge that we have an urban crime wave. We must also recognize that this crime wave hurts the inner city poor the most because they most need protection from crime.  Also, it discourages needed businesses and jobs from locating in the inner cities, also adversely impacting the poor who need economic help.  Consider the fact that blacks who are killed today in our cities are usually killed by other black people, not by police officers.

Second, we must work toward maintaining the Rule of Law throughout America and our cities. We can not tolerate murders, lawlessness, rioting, and private property destruction.  City officials can’t look the other way and permit rioting in the name of allowing some citizens to vent their frustrations, even if some frustrations are justified.  If, in some cases, police do step over the line of the law, citizens need to patiently wait for the system to handle those cases.  Rioting is not a legitimate form of free speech, free expression, or protest.

Third, we must support our police. They risk their lives every day in their efforts to protect citizens from crime and violence and to assure public safety.  Instead of condemning the police, next time you see a police officer, say “Thank You for your service.”

Why will the Issue of America’s Urban Crime Wave Probably Impact the 2016 Presidential Election?

The big issues in the 2016 presidential election are shaping up to be global insecurity, economic insecurity, and freedom that includes living a peaceful life under the Rule of Law.

I believe Americans are coming to realize that progressive socialist policies and programs don’t work.  American cities for the most part are collapsing economically and practically from the weight of failed progressive socialist policies.  I think America’s urban crime wave will be debated in the 2016 presidential election.  I think Americans will support candidates that seek to protect freedom, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

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