Invite Dr. Lameiro to Speak to Your Group

Dr. Lameiro can speak to Church and synagogue groups, consumer groups, business and trade groups, corporate boards, think tanks, government groups, and other groups on a variety of topics related to his expertise.

Dr. Lameiro can speak to your group on his newest book:

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom
What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help

Or on these topics -

  • God and Freedom
  • The Moral Case for Freedom
  • Lameiro’s Architecture of Freedom
  • How Americans are Losing Religious Freedom
  • How Americans are Losing Political Freedom
  • How Americans are Losing Economic Freedom
  • The Separation of Powers and Freedom

Additional topics include –

  • America’s Economic War
  • Choosing the Good Life
  • The Christian Foundations of American Capitalism
  • Lameiro’s Architecture of American Capitalism
  • Lameiro’s First Law of Economics and How It Impacts Your Life Today
  • Where is the American Economy Headed in the Next Two Years?
  • Seven Free Market Principles for Creating Economic Growth Fast
  • How Do We Eliminate the Poverty of Destitution throughout the World in the 21st Century?

Speeches generally consist of an approximately 45 minute presentation and about a 15 minute Q&A period.

Dr. Lameiro is a very warm, engaging, enthusiastic, humorous and popular speaker.

For more information, please use the contact form on the Contact page.