America Can Create Economic Prosperity Again – The 15% Answer

Rather than spending our way into economic bankruptcy with red ink for years to come,  America can create economic prosperity again with the 15% Answer.  It’s simple and easy.

The 15% Answer consists of the following policies:

1.  Tax all personal income above $50,000 at a flat fixed rate of 15%.  If someone earns less than $50,000, they pay no taxes at all.  Eliminate all social security and medicare taxes.

2.  Tax all businesses (large and small) on business value added at a flat fixed rate of 15%.  Eliminate the corporate income tax.

3.  Eliminate capital gains taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes and excise taxes all together.

The 15% Answer provides greater fairness and equity.  It will also probably result in higher revenues to the Federal government and in extraordinary economic growth and prosperity.  The GDP will likely soar.

The tax and spend formulas for so-called growth supported by the advocates of Keynesian economic policies simply do not work.  The evidence is overwhelming.

So, let’s stop spending America into economic bankruptcy.  Let’s adopt the 15% Answer and get America moving again.

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