In Case Your Taxes aren’t High Enough, Now Suggestions for “Meat Taxes”

Chances are you think your taxes are high enough.  But, just in case your taxes are not high enough, some are now suggesting imposing “meat taxes.”

In The Wall Street Journal this week, an article discusses the idea of “meat taxes.”  Why you ask?  It seems like a number of people are concerned that meats contribute to the obesity problem.  Remember, large sugary drinks also contribute to obesity in the minds of some and need to be eliminated.  Well, maybe, now some people want us to eliminate meat too.

But, their concern is not simply limited to the obesity problem.  These people are also concerned with the production of green house gases.

The article cites various sources including a filmmaker, an author, as well as a “environmental nutritionist.”  Indeed, some have even called for meat taxes to help limit our consumption of meats.

Certainly, taxing a needed source of relatively low-priced, relatively high quality protein, with vitamins and iron, doesn’t make sense to consumers who are paying more for food and energy costs.

Besides, look at the skyrocketing prices of meats today WITHOUT new “meat taxes.”  The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that ground beef prices have increased 14% in June 2014 over June 2013, and have increased 29% over the previous two years.  We certainly don’t need to burden consumers even more with additional taxes to avoid obesity and the so-called climate change “crisis.”

Let’s embrace food freedom and economic freedom too.

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