The Cuba Decision – Bad for Freedom but Good for Tyranny

The decision to normalize relations with Cuba by the current administration has been called “another concession to tyranny.”  Why is this decision bad for freedom and good for tyranny?  Let’s look at some of the reasons …

1.  America is the beacon for hope for oppressed people around the world.  This decision makes it look like America is abandoning its strong support and encouragement for freedom.

2. America has a long history of living in freedom and supporting freedom.  America lives under a Constitution that protects freedom.  This decision does not support freedom.  Rather, it says tyranny will be rewarded and will not have to give up its dictatorial policies to be recognized by America.

3. This decision sends a bad message to the world.  America will treat dictators well.  America will help dictators even without them reforming human rights and giving up other activities such as supporting narco-terrorism.

4. This decision hurts the Cuban people living in Cuba.  Many Cubans hope their country will be free one day.  Some thought Cuba might become free after the Castro dictators were no longer running the country.  This decision financially supports an on-going dictatorship.

5. This decision will give the Cuban dictatorship access to American dollars and economic help WITHOUT any concessions for freedom.  We should have demanded free speech, and the legalization of other political parties, and the imminent cessation of support for terrorist activities.

6. This decision is another unilateral decision on the part of the current administration that was not discussed and debated before being made.

7. This decision is not good for America and is not good for freedom around the world.  It is inconsistent with American principles, American priorities, and American policies.

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